Why You Should Invest In a Premium Rug over a Cheap Supermarket Rug

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As purveyors of fine, authentic rugs, we can admit that are inherently biased. High quality rugs last longer, are artisan crafted (which means you are directly supporting artists), they are made of durable materials, and they capture a culture and maintain a true art form.

But these are not the only rugs on the market. We often speak with people who are torn between a premium, handcrafted rug and a machine-made, mass produced rug. We understand the struggle! There is certainly a difference in price, with the handmade rugs on the higher end and machine made rugs on the lower. But if you are looking for true quality, we recommend the investment into a premium rug.

We understand it can be a difficult choice. If you are looking to buy a rug but are unsure which route to take, here are some things to think about.

Do your research ahead of time. Buying online is an option, but there is a higher chance of being misled. When it comes to online shopping, there are all kinds of tricks to deceive consumers on the type of material and the techniques used to create the rug. Without being able to examine the rug in person, it’s easy to be duped.

If you have decided to purchase your rug from a store, you now have to decide between a premium and a lower quality rug.
As mentioned, hand-made rugs are the more expensive option. But like anything, you get what you pay for. With a premium rug, it is an investment in quality and design. On the other hand, a machine-made rug is the more “disposable” option. They will break down more quickly and only last a few years.

The true difference between a premium rug over a cheaper version is that how they hold up over time. A rug that is made of 100% natural fibres like wool, cotton, and silk is strong and durable. On the other hand, machine made rugs are made of lower quality synthetic materials like olefin, acrylic, and polypropeline will wear out quickly.

There is also a big difference in the feel of the two rugs — you can probably guess which feels more luxurious!
We know that “fast fashion” and low quality home furnishings have swept the world, but we are firm believers in the principle that high quality home decor never goes out of style. A premium rug that is hand knotted with fine materials will hold up over time, they are classic and retain their beauty for many years to come.

Cheap rugs are that way because the materials are low grade and they are pumped out on a machine and mass produced. They will never hold up to the alternative in terms of durability, feel, or aesthetic appeal.

While it might not be realistic to head to the source – perhaps you are not planning an upcoming vacation to Afghanistan or Morocco – finding an importer of traditional carpets is the best first step. If you are looking to purchase a fine quality, high end rug, check our rug store find the exact piece you are looking for. This is our passion and we are happy to help!