Why Clean Your Rug Regularly in Your Home


cleaning the rug with vacuum at home

If you have ever seen what comes off of a rug during a professional cleaning, you might be more inclined to invest in cleaning your rugs more often. It can be shocking! Even if you vacuum your rugs regularly, it is a good idea to schedule a professional rug cleaning a few times a year.


Whether your rug is in a high traffic area or hardly gets walked on, there are still benefits to keeping it clean. Here are a few reasons highlighting the importance of keeping a clean rug in your home.

The Importance of Keeping a Clean Rug in Your Home.

Save money

The better shape you keep your rug, the longer it will last, the less often they will need replacing. And if you have a beautiful hand-knotted rug, for example, it is important to keep clean to maintain or even increase its value over time.


Even if you are thinking about the rug that lines your stairs or covers your bedroom floor — think about the cost of replacing it, or the resale value of your home if that is on the horizon. Homebuyers will have a keen eye for the condition of the current rug.


Rug cleaning is much more cost-effective than replacing rugs! Vacuuming often is important, and so is the occasional professional clean.


Health and wellness

Rugs can trap and hold all kinds of allergens and particles that can lead to health challenges. Carpets in humid areas can grow mould, often spreading underneath and out of view so that it is difficult to detect.


Pets, too, can bring in the dirt, grime and bacteria from outside. All of the dirt and living bacteria can create the perfect conditions for micro-ecosystems of mould, insects and other living things to thrive. Every time a person or a pet walks along and kicks up particles, they breathe in the unhealthy air, aggravating allergies and other respiratory conditions. Yes, it sounds a bit like a sci-fi scenario, but it is all the more reason for a rug cleaning.


Maintain colour and form

Since rugs are at our feet and often not always the first things on the mind, the dirt buildup and the fibres getting flattened might be gradual enough so that we hardly notice it. And then one day we take a closer look and see that it is going to take a lot of work to return it to good condition.


In order to maintain the colour and form of the rug, it is important to stay on top of cleaning so that the collection of dirt doesn’t become irreversible. Again, maintenance is always more prudent than replacement, saving you time and money in the long run.


Good rug maintenance means proper cleaning techniques.

If spills and stains occur, often they are not removed entirely and the residue can attract insects or encourage mould to build. Dust, mould and other allergens pile up, especially there are pets in the home. And the value and condition of rugs decline rapidly without proper cleaning. Rug cleaning just makes good sense.

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