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Looking for an area rug to tie a room together? We have the greatest selection of rugs in Richmond, BC, making us the go-to company for home and business owners. For over 30 years, we have impressed our customers with our vast inventory of high-quality rugs and expert advisement. We offer a wide selection of handmade and machine-made rugs to match different price points, without every compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

With our amazing selection of fine rugs, from contemporary area rugs featuring transitional designs to traditional Persian styles, any space can be elevated with the right rug. With two locations in BC, our Vancouver and Richmond rug stores are conveniently located and stocked with beautiful, durable rugs. Nothing is more important to us than our clients' satisfaction. As such, our helpful staff are here to advise and find you the perfect carpeted solution, no matter your budget, lifestyle, or aesthetic.

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Rugs Categories in Richmond Rug Store

Rugs have the power to personalize a room. Whether you want to add warmth with some rich, vibrant tones or brighten a space with a light, modern design, the right area rug can do it all. Our Richmond store carries a great selection of rugs sourced from the finest rug makers in the world. From Persian, Turkish, and Chinese designs to bamboo silk and wool materials, we carry a variety of styles and makes to add the finishing touch to any room.

Modern Area Rugs that can be found at West Coast Rugs in Richmond.

Modern Area Rugs

Modern or contemporary rug designs use contrast, bold colours, and free-form or geometric elements to become a focal point of a space. Typically made from acrylic materials and hand-tufted, our BC rug store can turn your house into a home with forward-thinking modern area rug.

Close up of Traditional Area Rugs at Richmond Rug Store.

Traditional Area Rugs

With rich colours, timeless patterns, and beautiful craftsmanship, traditional rugs bring a sense of past to the present. Handmade in the Middle East and Asia, the installation of a traditional area rug over hardwood, carpet, or vinyl flooring evokes luxury, sophistication, and comfort.

Persian Rugs sold at West Coast Rug store in Richmond.

Persian Rugs

Bright and eclectic, Persian rugs come in a variety of styles, textures, and finishes. Whether placed in an apartment or house, a professional setting or a casual one, this style is versatile, vibrant, and made with its own intricacies to help you tie together a set of rooms in a truly unique way.

Wool rugs available at Richmond, BC rug store.

Wool Rugs

As a high-quality material that creates a soft and natural underfoot-feel, wool rugs are built to last. Naturally stain and soil resistant, place this over vinyl, carpet, or hardwood flooring to bring warmth and protection to an area.

Rug store in Richmond BC offers silk rugs.

Silk Rugs

One of the most luxurious and expensive fibres, silk is a natural material that enhances overtime with the right care. With unmatched elegance and incredible durability, a quality silk rug will be passed down through the generations.

Turkish rugs are available at West Coast Rugs in Richmond, BC.

Turkish Rugs

A great way to offset the linear, sharp nature of a room, a round rug adds dimension and intrigue. Especially ideal for smaller spaces, this circular shape can make a room feel bigger and lays beautifully on all flooring types.

Find square rugs at Richmond, BC rug store.

Square Rugs

Depending on how your furniture is arranged, a square rug is a classic way to tie a room together. Simple to pair with all sorts of decor and room shapes, we have a large stock of square designs to enhance your suite.

Area Rug store in Richmond, BC has many round rugs to choose from.

Round Rugs

A great way to offset the linear, sharp nature of a room, a round rug adds dimension and intrigue. Especially ideal for smaller spaces, this circular shape can make a room feel bigger and lays beautifully on all flooring types.

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A sample of a rug sold at West Coast Rugs in Richmond, BC.

* Sample Rug From Our Inventory

For over 30 years, our team at West Coast Rugs have been the largest and most reliable rug store in BC. A family business, our Richmond shop has an amazing selection of handmade and machine-made rugs to suit every home. With a collection that spans all sorts of designs and styles, we are confident you will find the rug that best suits your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. We carry a variety of colours and designs, as well as patterns such as Persian, Nepali, Pakistani, Indian, Afghani, Turkish, and Chinese. With every rug we import and sell, design, integrity, and quality craftsmanship are ensured. To invest in a piece of decor that can be enjoyed and passed down for generations, contact our team at West Coast Rugs.

Sample Rug From Our Inventory at West Coast Rugs.

* Sample Rug From Our Inventory

Large area rug from West Coast Rugs in Richmond.

* Sample Rug From Our Inventory

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We are proud to now have 2 convenient rug stores — Downtown Vancouver & Kerrisdale. We are very pleased to serve our customers from our stores in:

Stop by any of our 2 rug store locations You won’t be disappointed. As a family-run company, we want you to feel at home in our store. And we want you to leave knowing you found the perfect rug for your home or office.

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  • Lara Rode

    Bought a beautiful 8x10 rug here and had a great experience! Wide range of prices, and they worked with me to find something that fit within my price range. Rug looks great in my home!

  • Marc Roberts

    I stopped in looking for an area rug. The customer service I experienced was so excellent and positive I ended up buying a runner rug as well. Bruce told me about thread counts and the difference in qualities and showed me options that would suit my apartment. Highly recommended

  • Sean S

    I just bought two beautiful rugs and am super happy with the experience. They have an amazing selection of rugs at very reasonable prices. The sales people were also very helpful and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend visiting them if your looking for a high quality rug at a fair price.

  • Jamie Britton

    Bought a beautiful 10x12 Persian Rug last week. We love it. The owner was very personable and helped us find the perfect rug from their enormous selection. The price was very reasonable for the quality.

Living room photo with beautiful rug from West Coast Rugs.Close up of square rug at Richmond Rug store.

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