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Wool Rugs

Sustainable, durable, and timeless, wool rugs appreciate over time, making them an investment piece you can pass down for many generations. Handcrafted using smooth, long-lasting fibres, our selection of wool rugs will bring a timeless aesthetic to any room. Soft but durable, there is a reason that rug artisans have chosen wool to weave their masterpieces throughout the centuries. This natural material holds dye exceptionally well, and because of the lanolin that naturally coats the fibres, wool rugs are also resistant to liquids and dirt. Making them the family-friendly option to suit every lifestyle.

With a lifetime of 50 years or more, wool rugs make a classic addition to any home. Compared to synthetic materials, wool areas rugs feel softer and more luxurious underfoot. Giving rug-owners the comforting foot feel they deserve. Additionally, many wool rugs are handwoven using hundreds of knots, resulting in their intricate design and pattern. This method of rug-making creates a statement piece that is totally unique to other rugs, as each design features it’s own distinct look.

Since ancient times, wool rugs have been the dominant choice for rug-makers and owners around the world. Why? Because wool rugs are:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Sourced responsibly from sheep using humane, painless practices
  • Durable
  • Springy and will retain their natural shape despite stretching, rolling, and crushing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft and luxurious
  • Environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources
  • Fire-resistant
  • Stain- and water-resistant
  • Insulating
  • Beautiful and vibrant

A key distributor of wool rugs in Canada, we have the rugs to suit any budget. From luxurious and handmade to more affordable, machine-made options, you don’t have to compromise on quality and aesthetic when shopping for wool rugs in Vancouver.

Beautiful, durable, and warm, it’s no wonder why wool rugs in Canada are so popular. To add warmth, comfort, and colour to your space, choose from our selection of plush wool area rugs. To fill an empty space in a playroom or busy hall, high performance wool rugs can handle spills and heavy foot traffic.

Whether it’s handmade or machine made using high-quality practices, our selection of wool rugs in Vancouver come in a variety of designs, colours, and patterns. With artisans from all over the world, we offer Persian, Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Afghani, Pakistani, and Turkish wool rugs to our BC customers.

Accent Your Floors with Wool Rugs

Choose a rug that will be a favourite for many years to come. When choosing a rug to accent your home, invest in one that is durable, high-quality, and vibrant. Natural wool holds dyes beautifully, ensuring that even the most colourful of rugs remain a statement piece for their entire lifetime. Our selection of wool rugs in Vancouver can be the elegant, timeless accent piece that ties any room together.


Wool area rugs last a long time and can handle heavy foot traffic with minimal wear and tear. This makes them the perfect heirloom piece to be treasured for generations. Resistant to dirt, stains, and water, wool rugs contain a natural protective barrier to prevent liquids – and other substances – from penetrating its fibres. In fact, wool rugs can absorb up to one-third of their weight in moisture and remain perfectly dry and comfortable. Not only that, but wool area rugs are fire-resistant as well, making them a less flammable option to keep your home safe and warm. With the extreme temperatures of our West Coast climates, investing in wool rugs in Vancouver is a wise decision.


Our selection of wool rugs come in a variety of patterns, designs, and colours. No matter your aesthetic, we have the quality rugs to elevate your style for many years to come. We carry wool rugs sourced from Persia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Turkey, all created with their own unique practices and styles. Not sure which style of wool rug will best suit your home? Our experts can advise on the colour, design, and origin of rug that will not only fit your aesthetic but improve upon it. After all, the right rug can transform any average room into a spectacular one.


Every home is unique. Why should your rug be any different? At West Coast Rugs, we carry a variety of wool rugs in all different styles and dimensions to ensure your floor is perfectly covered. Choose too small a rug and the room will feel unground and out of sorts. Too big of a rug can overwhelm the room and cause you to spend more than you need. Therefore, the size of the rug you choose needs to be perfect! Whether you need a tasteful 3×3, a traditional 8x1o, or a large 10×14 area rug, our selection consists of all of them (and everything in between). Just come into our store with your room’s measurements in hand and we can advise on the size that will best suit your space.