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The History of West Cost Rugs

In all the different types and designs of rugs, Persian rugs are the ones with the most culture and history. It can be very complicated to speak about the origins and legends of Persian rugs; therefore, a basic lesson can be very helpful. Generally speaking, there are two categories of Persian rugs: traditional and contemporary. Each and every Persian rug has a story to tell about it’s origin, heritage, surrounding culture and the people who make it.

Traditional rugs, often called Tribal, include Gashghai, Lori and Yalameh rug style designs. These pieces are woven in villages where the weaver is spontaneously inspired to create details and designs mirroring their own experiences and local legends passed form generation to generation. This results in traditional pieces of work which can speak to us about a different culture through their beauty. WestCoast Persian & Oriental Rug Co Inc. has the finest selection of traditional rugs in BC and Western Canada.

Contemporary rugs have become very popular in recent years. Since these rugs originate from non traditional weaving areas, the designs and colors used are more compatible with today’s Western decorating styles. Because of the newly established demands, contemporary pieces like the Gabbeh rugs are not offered in a great selection.

However, WestCoast Persian & Oriental Rug Co Inc. promises to have the biggest selection of contemporary pieces in all of British Columbia. Whatever your taste might be, there is always a Persian rug that will enhance and compliment your home of office environment. To assure the greatest selection in Western Canada, WestCoast Persian & Oriental Rug Co Inc. visits Iran’s best and finest weaving sites where they personally select ever piece that will eventually end up in one of their Vancouver Galleries.

These selection visits to Iran, China, and India occur at least three times a year to ensure that our incredible selection has what you are looking for. All this effort means that we have exceptional traditional and contemporary carpets, the likes of which have seldom been seen in North America. Just as stories and legends are passed from generation to generation, so has the Razavi family business for over 60 years. WestCoast Persian & Oriental Rug Co Inc. insures that when you buy a rug you will be 100% satisfied.

When a fine Persian carpet is bought, it is bought for generations, since its life cycle can be limitless.

When a Persian rug is properly cared for, it can last for many years, often increasing in value while you are enjoying it. For the greatest selection of fine carpets, great service, and expert knowledge, no one can come even close to WestCoast Persian & Oriental Rug Co Inc. Don’t forget to visit the virtual gallery for a little preview of our selection. We hope to see you in the near future. info@westcoastrugs.com

A family business for over 60 years with the greatest selection of Persian, Nepali, Indian, Pakastani, Afghani, Chinese and Turkish rugs in Modern, Traditional and Transitional designs. We have an incredible Gallery of rugs form $200 and up

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