Decorating Walls With Oriental Rugs is Still in Style in 2019!


A handmade rug is a work of art, and sometimes it feels like a travesty to walk all over it. Take an Oriental Rug, for example. They are full of thoughtful designs, gorgeous colours and high quality materials. Hanging rugs on the walls is a great way to show off these beautiful creations.

Decorating walls with rugs is a great way to cover large wall spaces, add interesting elements of texture to a room, or add a pop of colour. Hanging rugs also create a warmth to a room and is a great option for rooms of any aesthetic — from cool minimalist to deep classical styles.

Where to hang rugs in your home

There are a few key spots that are perfect to hang Oriental rugs or contemporary rugs. That choice is up to you! Here’s where we love to see them.

Living Room

Where there are often big empty walls to fill, a living room is the perfect place to add the warmth of a vertical rug. Either compliment or contrast the existing decor, a rug will add something extra special.


Especially coming in from the entrance, a hanging rug is the perfect way to invite someone into your home.


Hang a rug in place of a headboard or add to the coziness of the room by hanging a gorgeous woven or hand-knotted rug.

Now that you are convinced that you need to hang that Oriental rug on the wall instead of walking on it, the next question is… how?!

There are a few methods of hanging a rug on a wall, and a few things to consider before you get started.

  • Weight: Rugs are very heavy, so make sure you find a wall and space that will be able to support it.
  • Age: Oriental rugs for example become delicate over time and you don’t want to ruin it by not handling it carefully.
  • Size: Make sure that the wall you choose is large enough to house the rug. You want space around all four sides so that it can breathe.

Ok, now on to the rug hanging methods.

Velcro carpet hanging method

To use velcro to hang a rug, you will need to affix a piece of wide, flat wood to the wall that contains one side of velcro tape, and you will need to stitch the other side of the velcro to muslin, and then on to the back of the rug. You may need to build a frame of velcro, depending on the size and weight of the rug.

Pipe or rod carpet hanging method

To hang a rug this way, you will need to first hang a rod much like you would for curtains. Make sure there is adequate support to withstand the weight of the rug — you may need several brackets. Next, you can reinforce the upper edge with muslin and use clips that loop around the rug, or use string or rope reinforced to the back of the rug and looped through the pipe.

We recommend you consult a professional or ensure you have the right tools and instructions before attempting to hang a rug.

Like we said, rugs are works of art so the best advice is to have fun and get creative with where they can go in the home. Walls are not off limits!