Authentic Persian/Oriental Rug Rentals for Home Staging & Movie Set Props

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Home staging carpet rentals

Maybe you didn’t know this about us at WestCoast Rugs, but we are not just in the business of selling beautiful, high quality Persian and Oriental rugs… we rent them out too!

In Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland, home staging and film/movies are both huge industries. And the logistics behind them are staggering. Both businesses have to set up spaces to make them feel lived in and natural, only to make it all disappear a day later.

That’s where we come in. At WestCoast Rugs, we understand that it would not make any economical sense to buy a new, high quality rug for a one day movie shoot or to show a house for a week or two. That is why we offer rug rentals to the home staging business and as movie set props.

Film Set Decoration Rug Rental

We love building relationships with people in the film industry and people from the “Set Dec” department who use our rental services. Since we have such a wide selection of rugs on offer, we can cater to any style of movie or tv show. You might not think of an Oriental rug as a movie prop, but we beg to differ!

In Vancouver, there is no end to the creative endeavours of the film industry, and we love being a part of it. Thanks to our large and diverse selection of rugs in almost any shape, style and size, we have seen our rugs on the big screen, and it’s exciting every time!

Home Staging Rug Rental

The same idea is true for the home staging industry. For people selling a home or apartment, it is so important that the space is set up so that it is universally appealing to a wide range of people. Often this means moving out or hiding away anything personal, and replacing those things with designer items like gorgeous, high end Persian or Oriental rugs.

We know how important rugs are in interior design to tie together a room and increase the aesthetic appeal. At WestCoast Rugs, we love working with home staging companies that are on the search for a rug that will increase the impact of a room or space. Of course, if they had to buy a new rug every time they staged a home, they might go out of business!

Rug and carpet rentals might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a rug store, but it is one of our favourite branches of our business. People from the movie prop or set dec departments often have very interesting requests or require unique carpets — we love helping them find exactly what they are looking for.

The same is true for home staging companies — we love seeing a space that looks extra luxurious and sophisticated thanks to one of our luxury rugs.

If you would like to know more about rug rentals from WestCoast Rugs, please contact our rug store today! We have exactly what you are looking for!