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Protect your investment with our professional area rug cleaning services. At West Coast Rugs, we understand the delicacies of high-quality rugs. To ensure your rug is cleaned thoroughly and without the use of harmful chemicals and practices, we always use cleaning methods suited to your specific rug. Whether they're handmade or machine made, Turkish, Afghani, or Persian rugs, we can provide the specialized care your area rug deserves.

A deep clean by our team of specially trained, certified carpet cleaners will remove dirt, stains, and odours. Depending on the particular fibres, weave, and dyes used to construct your rug, our area rug cleaning will be tailored accordingly. If you're looking for the best area rug cleaning in Vancouver, stop by our storefront on Burrard Street or in Kerrisdale. With thousands of rugs in stock, we understand the intricacies of the area rug cleaning process.

Types of Area Rugs We Clean

We can provide professional area rug cleaning to any type of rug. From Indian and Oriental rugs to Turkish, Nepali, Indian, Afghani, and Persian rugs, we have the tools, supplies, and products to service all area rugs in Vancouver, BC.

Oriental and Persian Rugs

Most rugs benefit from regular cleaning, and Oriental and Persian rugs are no exception. Known for their durability, these types of area rugs are still susceptible to fading due to dirt and sunlight exposure and their tightly woven fibres can become relaxed overtime. While the construction of Oriental and Persian rugs allow the fibres to hold dirt while maintaining a flawless appearance, this can still compromise the integrity of the fabric overtime. Your Persian area rug may not look dirty, but it doesn't mean it won't benefit from professional cleaning services.
With regular vacuuming and annual deep cleaning, you can preserve the pristine beauty and lifelong integrity of your area rug. Our gentle cleaning methods will remove dirt, debris, dust, and odor. We take great care with each rug as if it were our own. When you put your trust in our area rug cleaning services, you won't be disappointed with the results.

Cleaning oriental and persian rugs
Cleaning wood rugs

Wool Rug

Wool rugs are renowned for their longevity and durability. They can be passed down through generations to grace the floors of your children's future homes. However, to get the most life out of your wool rug, some regular maintenance is needed. Area rugs experience heavy foot traffic, so a little extra care goes a long way in preserving the integrity, appearance, and aroma of the material.
To minimize the amount of dirt absorbed by the fibres, you should vacuum your wool area rug at least twice a month. With this, your rug should only require professional cleaning services once a year. While you can buy generic rug cleaner from the store, we recommend reaching out to experienced rug professionals to prevent damage from occurring during the cleaning process. Especially if you're dealing with tough, deeply embedded stains and dirt. A professional deep clean will not only remove stains and dirt, but it will also rid your rug of that musky, Vancouver scent.

Rug Cleaning

At West Coast Rugs, we're passionate about the skill, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into the construction of our fine rugs. To handle your rug with the delicate hand it deserves, we maintain natural cleaning services that are gentle yet effective.

Rug Washing

For rug washing in Vancouver, it's important to take the necessary steps to get the job done right. First, we will study the weave, dye, and fabric of your rug to determine the best cleaning method. Then, our team will vacuum your rug to remove loose dirt and debris followed by a non-toxic, gentle deep clean using delicate solutions and hot water. Due to the fragility of most rugs, we will use special techniques to thoroughly dry the fabric without causing shrinkage.

Remove Coffee Stains

Need to remove coffee stains from a rug? You wouldn't be the first. We specialize in removing deep set coffee stains from all types of rugs. Whether you need a simple spot clean or a full rug wash, we will do a better job at restoring your rug than any at-home methods can achieve.

Rug Stain Remover

Whether it's from tea, wine, food, or pets, stain removal can be tough to achieve without a professional hand. Due to the tough and durable fibres of most rugs, but especially a Persian rug, stain removal needs to be handled carefully using strong but gentle products and practices. For Indian, Oriental, Persian, or Jute rug stain removal, our intricate inspection cleaning will restore the appearance and functionality of your rug.

Rug Binding

If during your rug cleaning, we notice that repairs or binding is needed, we can mend the material to prevent further damage. Rug binding can prevent the edges from fraying to create a polished look and restore the integrity of the material.

Rug Repair

Rugs experience heavy foot traffic year-round, especially large area rugs. While high-quality rugs are carefully constructed to withstand such use, damage can occur. If you need rug repair in Vancouver, we can repair the fringing, padding, and weaving of your rug.

The Process of Rug Cleaning

Unlike carpet cleaning, rug cleaning requires a gentle, delicate hand to preserve the condition of the material. Since many rugs are made using fine materials, dyes, and weaves, it's crucial that the cleaning process reflects this. Here is how our company will ensure no damage is inflicted during your rug cleaning:

  1. We will consider the fabric, weave, and dye used to make your rug, to better understand its specifications.
  2. To remove loose dirt and debris, we will vacuum the surface to create a smooth canvas for cleaning.
  3. For the rug cleaning, we use natural, non-toxic cleaning products that are effective and safe. Our choice of products are free of harmful chemicals to gently clean the delicate fibres of the rug.
  4. To deep clean the rug, we use hot water extraction to rinse the fibres and remove all cleaning solutions, dirt, odours, and stains.
  5. It's important to completely dry the rug so no moisture is trapped in the fibres. To prevent shrinkage, we will hang-dry your rug in a temperature-controlled environment.
  6. Finally, we will perform a final inspection for both quality control and to ensure the rug is cleaned to our high standards.
Perfect rug cleaning results

Benefits of a Professional Rug Cleaning

There are many reasons to have your rug professionally cleaned in Vancouver, BC. For starters, it will increase the lifespan of your rug by removing harmful dirt substances from compromising the fibres. Not only that, but our non-toxic cleaning methods create a healthier environment in your house by removing dust, bacteria, pollutants, dust mites, and more. In Vancouver, area rug cleaning is a must to prevent musky scents from developing. Our humid environment is perfect for mold growth, which can be very harmful to your health. Lastly, a clean rug can improve the aesthetic of your home overall.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your rug in to be professionally cleaned by a team who prioritizes quality, safety, and customer satisfaction above all else.

Our employee is cleaning the rug

Why Choose Us in Vancouver

Rugs are not only a financial investment, but an important part of your life story. They bring warmth, style, and comfort to a home, and can be passed down through generations. However, to maintain the pristine appearance and structural integrity of a fine rug, it needs to be handled with care and consideration.

At West Coast Rugs, we take great pride in our level of professionalism when it comes to deep cleaning rugs. As providers of fine rugs, we carry a great appreciation for the skill, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every rug we sell. So, when it comes time to clean them, we handle every case with the care and intention we would expect of our own rugs. If you're looking for Vancouver area rug cleaning, we hope you choose our team at West Coast Rugs.

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