5 Most Frequently Asked Rug Questions.

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Purchasing a high quality rug for your home is an investment, and a decision that some people mull over for a long time. We know, we help lots of people who want to take their time finding the perfect rug for their space.

Since we spend so much time with our customers, we end up answering a lot of questions.

So we thought we’d share with you the 5 most frequently asked rug and carpet questions, and their answers!

How big should a rug be under a dining table?

This one can be tricky. The first thing to do is measure how big the table is plus the amount of space the chairs take up when they are pulled out. This is important! A rug that is too small will mean the chairs get caught every time you pull out or push in the chairs to sit down for a meal, which will damage the rug (it will also be very annoying).

What is a transitional rug?

You’ve been shopping for a rug and have looked at traditional rugs, and you’ve seen plenty of contemporary rugs… but neither really fit the aesthetic you’re searching for. Enter the transitional rug, which is a type of rug that basically blends traditional and contemporary styles. These rugs are often perfect for an eclectic style room, or a more serious room, like a study, that needs a modern twist or pop of colour.

Do you need a rug pad?

This is an easy one. From our point of view, yes, you definitely need a pad under the rug. A rug pad will prolong the life of the carpet, which is good, especially if you are investing in a high quality rug. It will also protect the flooring underneath, prevent the rug from slipping, and provide extra cushioning.

How do you anchor a rug on a carpet?

An area rug over top of carpeting can be a smart design choice, but a slippery one. Rug anchors are an excellent solution to this problem. These handy contraptions are available at your local hardware store, and when applied, they act like little claws that keep the rug in place. Plus they are easy to remove without causing any damage to the rug or carpet underneath.

Should I put a rug under my bed?

Sure! It’s so nice to step onto a warm rug rather than a cold floor first thing in the morning. Just make sure it’s not too small, that there are at least 5-8 inches of space from the end of the rug to the wall, and that it does not impede the closet doors from opening. Rugs in the bedroom often bring the coziness you’ve been craving.

Rugs are a great style tool, and they can do so much to make or break a room. They can add that extra something you’ve been searching for, and they can tie all the different style elements together, while adding a sense of elegance and richness.

The main rule of thumb is to find something that you love, and to have fun with it!

If you are in the market for a carpet, come and chat with our rug store, we would love to answer your questions.